Grandma's Signature Amul Cheese & Giriraja Brown Chicken Jerky Treats for Dogs | 20% Extra Free

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Keeping Tails high & taste buds delighted, indulge your loving dog in the delicious harmony of chicken and cheese. Made with wholesome ingredients that allow for easy digestion with nothing artificial, this delicious mix of flavors from locally sourced ingredients lets you give even the pickiest dogs a worthy treat. Our limited-ingredient protein-packed treats are enriched with vitamins, calcium, omega 3, omega 6, and a few other nutrients for better immunity and health

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Food was so good ! I have been feeding TailBlaze to my Dog for a month now! AND HE Is So Active ! He loves eating his food !
I really hope Tailblaze come with more such products.
Plus I can carry his food easily now! Just a pouch and he is done!
Simbas vet also approved of this food. Must try!

Simba & Soumya

Udaipur, Rajasthan


The package came with an easy to prepare guide. As soon as we opened the packet, our dog started wagging his tail and sniffifing it. And once the food was ready, he lapped it up within a few seconds. This shows the depth of research that has gone into the product ingredients, taste. Tailblaze is the future of dog food. I will surely be a repeat loyal customer.

Joy & Aditya Bhangle

Mumbai, Maharashtra


From packaging to ingredients to health & taste, this food is truly a revolution. Whether me and Bruno are traveling, playing or at our home, it has simply become our go to food. No chemicals, Preservatives or any nonsense. Just pure love and care for dogs. Kudos TailBlaze. keep launching more gems in future!

Bruno & Rohit

Ahmedabad, Gujarat


I ordered tailblaze's organic treats for my pup and he loved it ALOT. Infact he learned a few tricks too just bcoz i was rewarding him these organic chicken jerky 😊.Safe to say your dog will love it🙌

Cookie & Swapnil

Hyderabad, Telangana


Leo, my 4.5 year old Shih Tzu has been eating a combination of dry ND food, chicken liver, egg whites and dahi. I always used to have to rotate the proteins for him to be interested but with Tail Blaze, he is excited to eat his meals and he digests it super well. I highly recommended the product!

Leo & Dishank Gandhi

Bangalore, Karnataka