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The Most Promising pet-food brand of india 2022


TailBlaze makes the best, organic and most sustainable dog products and dog food which are Raw and from the Wild! From sourcing to manufacturing to packaging, TailBlaze operates ethically and sustainably to prepare the most complete high protein + low carbohydrates pet products ideal for both puppy and adult dogs!

Hear from our Founder and Chief Testing Officer(CTO) - Einstein

Hey TailBlazer, thanks for considering our Complete Dogs Food and entering the New Era of Wilderness. I can assure you that this is a step in the right direction. It’s sad that over 51% of my furry friends in India are obese and subject to all kinds of diseases. This is because of the high carb + low protein food and ‘cheaper processed kibbles/glorified junk’ diet fed to them.

But now with exposure to TailBlaze, the best dog food in India, I’m sure that a lot of my friends will be fitter and will be able to understand more than 100 phrases of the Human language too, like I do.

I have always vouched for E = mc^2. Therefore, handing over the best 'mass' to you.

Thank you, again.

- Einstein, Founder and Chief Testing Officer (CTO) of TailBlaze

TailBlaze - 100% Organic and Raw Dog Food

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Made in India | 100% Raw | 100% Organic | Best Dog Food


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The Most Awarded Indian Pet Food Brand

TailBlaze has won many accolades for its innovative and sustainable dog products. TailBlaze dog products are made in ISO, HACCP, GMP and FSSAI approved facilities and are proudly human-grade.

Most Promising Pet Food Brand of the Year 2022

TailBlaze won the award for being the 'Most Promising Pet Food Brand of India' for 2022 at the Nationwide Awards

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Most Innovative Pet Food Brand of the Year 2022

TailBlaze won the award for being the 'Most Innovative Pet Food Brand of India' for 2022 at the India Trade Awards

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