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Tips to ensure a Happy Diwali for your pet dogs
The sound of firecrackers traumatise our dog babies. Dogs can hear sounds upto twice the pitch and 4 times the distance than humans can. Their ear canal is L-shaped and very sensitive. And hence leads to the birth of anxiety in them. Some of the common symptoms of anxiety include: excessive barking, drooling, restlesness and passing of urine inside the home.
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It’s interesting that when we talk about Teacher’s day, most of us associate it with our school or college days and the professors who taught us the lessons there. For me and most of the people I know, the source of knowledge never mattered. I have always believed in seeking knowledge from anywhere and everywhere, irrespective of who the ‘Guru’ is. And this helped me in finding and appreciating the Guru in ‘Einstein’ – My pet dog/First kid/Co-founder at TailBlaze.

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