TailBlaze wins the Award for "The Most Promising Pet Food Brand of India" at Nationwide Awards'22

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TailBlaze has been recognized as "The Most Promising Pet Food Brand of the Year - 2022" at the Nationwide Awards by BusinessMint, held in Bangalore in September'22

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TailBlaze is out on a mission to trailblaze a new Era for the pets. Pet nutrition across the Globe has been largely compromised after the introduction of mass-market kibbles in the late 90's. The foods available in the markets for pets are nothing more than 'glorified junk'. Cheap, processed and substandard meals have become a norm in the industry and in the lives of poor pets who are trying pretty hard to acclimatise to the junk being fed to them. The situation has become worse with a lot of companies(old and new) jumping into the industry just to get their share of profits in this booming industry.
Studies say that 51% of the pets across the Globe are Obese and prone to deadly diseases including Cancer. You would already guessed it right by now, that the high carb + low protein junk meals contribute the most to this dreadfulness. History is a proof that only during the times of distress, a hero is born. And, history always repeats itself. As a result of this mass-market junk wave, a new hero - TailBlaze was born.
Founded by Einstein (an ambitious Labrador who always believes in the 'wilderness of nature') and Manaal (an entrepreneur and a human who attracts all the wagging tails when out in the streets), TailBlaze aims to revolutionise the pet-ecosystem with its 100% raw and organic pet products, starting with food. The TailBlazers call it - 'The New Era of Wilderness'. And the Era has just begun. Join the revolution to set the 'junk' blazing.

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